Fostering: Short Commitment, Lifelong Rewards

Posted on by PETA

Becoming a foster parent to an animal waiting for permanent placement is one of the most selfless acts you can take. Countless homeless dogs and cats, as well as birds and other species, need attention and stability. You can make a difference by agreeing to foster an animal in need. 

After being rescued, the animal – who may have suffered from physical or mental trauma or both  needs a little time and personal attention to settle down and regain confidenceLiving in a caring home helps to socialise animals and allows them to adjust to family life. The foster parent also learns about their charges habits and personality, which can help ensure a successful future adoption.

If you love animals and have space in your home and heart to care for a cat, dogbird, or other animal for a few days or weeks, we want to hear from you! PETA India is seeking foster homes to provide rescued animals with a safe, secure, and happy environment until they regain enough health to be adopted or rehabilitated to a permanent home. 

All necessary supplies and veterinary care for the foster animal will be covered by PETA India. Because we want to ensure that the animals in our care are safe and well looked after, foster parents must pass an application process that includes a short e-mail Q&A and home check (which will be scheduled at a time thats convenient for you).  

Fostering is an altruistic, compassionate, and generous commitment, and it can be very rewarding. You are helping to save the lives of animals who might not otherwise have a chance. 

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